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Feel, Let go and Grow

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What is Soundhealing?

Soundhealing literally means "healing through sound". The singing bowls I work with, have this effect. By stroking them, there occur vibrations that your body reacts to. I work with copper bowls, but also crystal bowls. There is a big difference in how it works for your body. Before we go into session, we will decide together what your goal is ( relaxation or, for example, trauma release), so I can adjust my session. I work with many more instruments, for pure relaxation. You can book a soundhealing session after a cupping- or massage treatment, or book it seperately. I also give sessions for groups up to 8 persons. In summertime you can book it for example in your backyard with a group of friends, or in your livingroom. Lie on a cushion, under a blanket in your own space and relax. The group sessions take an hour, this includes a energy cleanse.

My own experience

I noticed very quickly that a cupping treatment is physically tough, but can also be mentally very intense. And a bit of relaxation is nice, if not necessary. This is how I found soundhealing, and got my degree for soundjourney's and singing bowls. It raises your frequency and gives you a great energy. You will feel calm and it is a gift for your body and soul. I work with singing bowls, and the soundjourney's is a combination with bowls and other instruments. I also work with crystal bowls, they work on a very deep level, the session will be intenser. With my degrees for all these sessions I can apply soundhealing in the form that I consider necessary.

The Best is Yet to Come…..

New collabs, new offers. Nowadays I give my soundhealing sessions at my new permanent location. This room feels safe and has an amazing vibe, the sessions are thriving. 

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