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Zen Shiatsu

Feel, Let go and Grow


What is Zen Shiatsu?

Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure". Zen means relax, combine the two and you will relax through the pressure of my fingers and hands. It has everything to do with pressure points. I use this during various treatments on the table, but you can also get a treatment on the massage chair.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that, besides our blood vessels- and nervous system, we also have an energysystem, that transports energy. These passageways we call meridians. If one or more of these passageways is blocked or out of balance, you will notice, mentally and/or physically. With Zen Shiatsu I treat the meridian system with acupressure, manipulation and stretched to restore balance. At the massage chair you can relax immediatly and you don't have to undress.  If I use acupressure during a cupping- or massage treatment, it will be on the table. It's a very effective way and you will notice the difference, maybe not immediately, and maybe even in ways you don't expect. 

The best is yet to come...


Summer is coming and I'm taking Jen's Cupping abroad... Keep you posted!

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