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Gua Sha

Feel, Let go and Grow


Wat is Gua Sha?


Guasha is an ancient scraping method to scrape illness and/or aches out of the body. With a guasha made of stone, wood or horn I treat the areas that are blocked. I use it as a whole treatment, but can also apply it during a cupping-session. Blood flows better, it helps to get rid of the toxins in your body and relieves tension.

This treatment is can also be used by men. With cupping you work with suction, which is not always pleasant for men who have hairs on most parts of their body. Guasha provides a solution and is very effective. No treatment I do is the same, because I treat intuitively. 

Deze behandeling is ook geschikt voor mannen. Waar je namelijk met cupping de huid vacuüm zuigt, is dat voor behaarde mannen niet altijd prettig. Gua Sha biedt hier een uitkomst en is zeker zo effectief. Geen behandeling is hetzelfde, omdat ik intuïtief werk. 

My own experience


Gua sha therapy is something I already used, but wanted to have more knowledge. I used it when I felt a cliënt with a lot of tension. in a place where cups wouldn't work, or where cups would hurt too much. I will use the guasha to scrape. It works on many levels, you can achieve a lot. You can also buy one from me and get a manual on how to use it. 

The best is yet to come...


Since 2023 I have a permanent location. The serenity and good energy make the treatments and sessions just great. New collabs are coming, I'm also going abroad and there will be new offers!

So keep checking the site frequently.

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