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Jen's Cupping®

Feel, Let go and Grow

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What is Jen's Cupping®?

In 2020 I did the course Transformational Cupping. Cupping is suction of the skin with glass cups. This will release toxins underneath the skin. Jen's Cupping® is my own designed technique where I specialize in meridians, energy blockages , massage, acupressure and cupping with tools. By using this combination I can adjust a treatment up to your wishes and needs, so we can achieve the best results. Because mental problems and physical problems often increase one another, I treat both. Food can also be a solution, so in addition to your treatments I can give you advise on detoxing and changing your habbits. Remember: no treatment is the same, I fully focus on what the body needs, what I feel. Together we can find a way that works for you, with amazing results. 

My own experience


When I started the course Transformational Cupping, I had no idea what I would get myself in to.  Honestly? My first experience was bad. First of all because I didn't know anything or what to expect. It did hurt so bad and I had no idea my body was so stuck. It took a while before it got better, but my life changed drasticly. I made life-changing decisions, started a new lifestyle and a new me was born. I started Jen's Cupping Company, what grew from one client on wednesday night  up to "how am I going to plan this all in one week?" After my first course, I did the advanced and the master. The best part was, I got so much good energy out of it, and I still do. Years later and many diplomas and degrees, my company grew out to everything I wanted it to be. Many sorts of massages, cupping with tools, my own technique and even giving workshops to expand. My clients come from everywhere and have so many diverse complaints. Two years ago I was able to stop working at my other job so I could focus on my company, and with succes. Because of my experience I created my own technique, so I can make my clients feel the beauty of this healing proces. 

The best is yet to come...


Check the website for new blogs, events or promotions. 

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